Wall Street’s First Social Media Analyst?

My friend Tom Brakke pointed me to this story, and it’s a good one…

There’s a guy at Wedbush named Lou Kerner who is now “Wall Street’s first social media analyst”.  He is doing what social media-ites do best – building his own brand.

From PE Hub:

He’s attracted quite an audience. Kerner has been quoted as an expert on social media valuations in the mainstream press, including the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and the L.A. Times, no fewer than 120 times so far this year. He’s also cited regularly in online properties such as Business Insider and has appeared on television numerous times. In fact, Bloomberg may give him his own weekly show…Kerner, who has more than 21,000 Twitter followers, typically starts his tweets with “HILARIOUS,” “GREAT,” and “WOW!” It’s fair to say he’s obsessed with the notion of social influence, telling a CNN reporter recently that the higher one’s social influence, “the better your life is,” and mentioning during our chat that he hoped his tweets would “increase [his] Klout score” (referring to the San Francisco-based startup that measures people’s social reach online).

I have no comment on this right now.  Let it sink in and then we’ll talk.


Meet the ‘First Social Media Analyst on Wall Street’ (PE Hub)

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