Who Is Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge?

First Rule of EconoBlogging...

First Rule of EconoBlogging...

This guy is a machine.

I’m a blogger, and a fairly prolific one, so I know a machine when I see one.

Tyler Durden“, the anonymous blogger who writes ZeroHedge, is writing night and day and breaking huge, market-moving stories left and right.

I’m blown away.

For the uninitiated, ZeroHedge is a financial blog with the fatalistic tag: ON A LONG ENOUGH TIMELINE, THE SURVIVAL RATE FOR EVERYONE DROPS TO ZERO“…and the blog’s content is every bit as brutal.

Tyler’s most recent revelation/ prediction could be an absolute monster of a development…he’s calling it The Upcoming Black Swan of Black Swans.

ZeroHedge believes that the top handful of program-trading firms, especially Goldman Sachs, have begun to make up an alarmingly high amount of the daily market volume.  ZeroHedge makes the case that this volume is set to dry up in a major way, which would lead to earth-shattering volatility.  Lack of liquidity is the enemy of a healthy and efficient market, and so the fact that a Goldman has been allowed to become so integral to the volume picture is frightening to say the least.

This story has begun to make its way around the web, I saw that Michael “Mish” Shedlock of Global Trend Analysis just picked it up.  This is the type of head’s up that many people don’t get until its too late.  If Durden’s hypothesis is correct, buckle up.

Tyler’s contributed a ton of guest posts to Naked Capitalism but ZeroHedge’s archives only seem to go back to early January of 2009.  Unlike most financial bloggers, who start out strong and then taper off as the readers don’t come or they get bored, ZeroHedge is picking up steam and mentions everywhere, with more and better posts each week.

I also love the old-school “dot blogspot” address, I’m taking the fact that the site isn’t at it’s own domain as a sign of how urgent the posting itself is.  No time to do much more than slap a Google banner up and get crankin’.  That’s gangsta.

If you’re a trader or a Wall Street pro and you’re not checking out ZeroHedge, you’re walking through a busy intersection blindfolded.  Consider this fair warning.

Full Story:  The Incredibly Shrinking Market Liquidity (Black Swan of Black Swans) at ZeroHedge

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