Don’t worry, Wall Street Johns…

…the hookers will never rat you out.

At least not according to this Wall Street Journal story about the SEC’s new wildly successful whistleblower program:

The adult-entertainment industry, however, operates under an entirely different code.

Among prostitutes, secrecy is sacrosanct, said Dennis Hof, proprietor of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch and other legal brothels in Nevada.

“We have a sacred bond with our clients,” he said. “Money can’t take precedence.”

Mr. Hof said any of his employees would be fired and disavowed if they were to release privileged information about any of the brothels’ clients.

Air Force Amy, a popular Bunny Ranch mainstay whose real name is Deanne Salinger, said clients constantly reveal material, nonpublic information. At first she said she would approach Mr. Hof to see if they should invest based on any of the tips, but they agreed that it wouldn’t be wise.

“I dummy up a lot, I really do,” she said. “I’ve been around a long time and you just don’t talk.”

So you’ve got that going for you…which is nice.


Meet the SEC’s 6,500 Whistleblowers (WSJ)


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